Toshio Rai is a student of Serene Heart Academy, and one of the 16 participants of the Killing Dungeon Life.

Despite being a minor character throughout most of Dangan Fury, he becomes a key character during Timeline D.

Appeareance Edit

He is designed after a chinese tiger. He wears a bandage and a catsuit, closely resembling Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

Talent Edit

Ultimate Spy Edit

His sneaking abilities, patience, and his high intelligence allowed him to become an extremely efficient spy.

This, alongside his cool minded personality, were key abilities that he put to use during Timeline D and obtain vital information about the Killing Dungeon Life.

History Edit

Prior to Killing Dungeon Life Edit

Timeline A Edit

He is confirmed to be murdered by someone in this timelines.

Timeline B Edit

Timeline C Edit

Timeline D Edit

Chapter 3 Edit

At the beginning of this chapter, he manages to get through the bars that block the fourth floor, allowing him to sneak in the Data Room and find a secret that he could use to overturn the stakes in the Killing Dungeon Life. However, he ends up being captured by Jin'nai.

He goes missing for the entirety of the chapter, even in the Class Trial and the following execution. Surprisingly enough, Jin'nai never informed about Rai's situation during this chapter, stating that he doesn't even know where he would be other than inside the school, leaving the player alongside the students with the mystery of his whereabouts.

Chapter 4 Edit

At the beginning of the chapter, Jin'nai informs the students that Rai had been captured because he was found trespassing closed off areas. While that didn't break any of the School Rules, he decided he must get a minor punishment.

Rai tried to tell the remaining students something of upmost importance, but that he was unable to. Jin'nai assured he'd make sure that information would be leaked to the students, setting up the fourth Motive under the radar of everyone else.

Days later, Jin'nai came with an announcement that he has placed a note with the super secret information on a red and black paper somewhere within the reachable school areas. Eventually, Umiko Masahiro would find this note. The contents of the note were completely different from the actual information Rai had found, and tricked her into plotting the murder of Firecrest.

Rai would only be visibly present during the Class Trial, but not physically, as he was shown on a screen so that everyone could see him with his mouth covered in duct tape and completely tied up.

Chapter 5 Edit

He eventually managed to escape from where he was abducted and reunited with his fellow students. However, he knew that he would only be able to share his vital information to the others unless he caught Jin'nai completely off-guard.

This would eventually resolve into plotting the murder of someone. In the Class Trial, he tried his best to act naturally as a killer, and when he was declared guilty, he began talking about the information about the true mastermind of the Killing Dungeon Life: That there were actually two masterminds. Jin'nai quickly ordered his execution to ensure he didn't get to say anything more revealing.

Trivia Edit

  • By taking the first kana characters in Kobe Negami's name (シオ), they can be rearranged to form トラ, the Japanese word for "tiger", the animal from which he is designed from.