Takeshi Rotsu
Age 17
Title Super High School Guitarrist
Alias Taka
Status Alive
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Race guitarist leader of "The Suckers"
Born November 17, 1998
Hair Browm
Eyes Dark Red
Height 1.74
Weight 49
Personal Status
Relatives  ???
Additional Info
Likes Hard Rock, Sleep, Look at people, see people being executed
Dislikes Bored, see people being executed

 Takeshi Rotsu (ロツ 猛, Rotsu Takeshi) also called Taka (鷹, Taka) due to her artistic name. It is a character Danganronpa, his real name is Takeshi Yamato ( 大和 猛 , Yamato Takeshi) because his name "Rotsu" took the word "Roxwell" adapted to Japanese phonetics.

His title is Super High School Guitarrist


This is characterized by a sickly personality and some psychopath, talking about strange things that have nothing to do with what characters speak or giving its characteristic "stare" to a specific character while playing with her fingers. Because of this, almost all the characters treat him as the suspect in the game.

Takeshi has proven to be the sickest person group literally, because of its repugnant attitude toward others; amezando openly characters they commit suicide or wanting to cut your throat the skin against all. However, Takeshi knows he can not achieve any of those things because his own life also end unscathed, as Takeshi has a mental illness that makes those things suggests. In a few words, is likely to suffer a severe bipolar disorder; this because of an accident that obtained in the past before arriving at the Academy of Hope. 

History Edit

He belonged to a hard rock band called "The Suckers" (stylized as "Ye *uckerS" or YS), a more or less famous band of Osaka which was dissolved after financial problems, drug abuse, accidents in their travel (Where Takeshi started to get his sick personality) and a controversial concert that made its leader guitarist was jailed for two years, until he was released when he was invited to join the Academy of Hope.