As Mirai exited her room, She found Kurō loitering in front o the cafeteria, were inside they hold their daily meetings.

Kurō Karasu: Good morning, Mirai-kun. How was your sleep?
Mirai Kaishi: I was okay. Aren't you going in?
Kurō Karasu: In a while.

Then he gestured her to enter.

Kurō Karasu: After you, milady.

As Mirai enters, she shrugs.

Inside, the others were present. As Mirai approaches the table, Aiko waves at her.

Aiko Cruz: Good morning, Kaishi.

Mirai waved back as she sits down the table.

Natsumi Renard: Have you seen Junko, Lysander?
Lysander Everett: Dōitashimashite, Natsumi. I haven't seen her. Demo, she could be here somewhere.

He leaned back on his chair.

Lysander Everett: Satsugai is all we have here.

They all gasped.

Monokuma: Seriously, this is boring! Only 3 were dead! BORING BORING BORING BORING BORING!!
Kyoko Kirigiri: We would never kill each other, so stop stalling, Monokuma.
Monokuma: Eggcellent, Kirigiri. The "school rules" have been shattered to pieces be cause of you!
Lysander Everett: Otoko, what's wrong with saying "so stop stalling"?!
Monokuma: It's against the headmaster, Pilot.

Kyoko Kirigiri was stabbed the the Spears of Gungir. Kirigiri falls down.

Character Story I: Mirai's Story Story II: Jonathan's Story Story III: Kuro's Story
     - Survivor      - Killed      - Executed
Mirai Kaishi ??? ??? ???
Jonathan Rowelled ??? ???
Kuro Karasu ??? ??? ???
Ichigo Haru ??? ???
Aiko Cruz ??? ??? ???
Rika Ishimoto ??? ??? ???
Natsumi Renard ??? ??? ???
Makoto Naegi ??? ??? ???
Hajime Hinata ??? ??? ???
AI Kyoko Kirigiri ??? ???
Kobato Kobatokama ??? ???
Lysander Everett ??? ??? ???

Monokuma: She was not the real Kirigiri i know. She's just an Artificial Intelligence. See? Not the real one.

NOTE: Work in Progress