She wakes up, with a bow and arrow with her. The letters "M" and "K" on her paper.

???: Ah, it seems the last inferior mortal has awoken.
???: Can you just stop with that crap, Jonathan?
"MK": ...Who are you people?
Kurō Karasu: I'm Kurō Karasu, the Ultimate Actor. I'm sure you've seen me on many dramas on TV.
Jonathan Rowelled: And I am the Ultimate Author, Jonathan Rowelled
"MK": this Hope's Peak Academy?
Jonathan Rowelled: Yes, we are indeed at the so-called "prestigious high school."
Ichigo Haru: Meh, looks kinda average to me. Anyway my name is Ichigo Haru, i'm the Ultimate Thief!
???: Is it really necessary to blurt out our talents as well as our names? It's not like our talents mean anything.
Kurō Karasu: You're only saying that 'cause your title sucks, Aiko. I mean, is "Ultimate Screams-Like-A-Bitch" a talent?
Aiko Cruz: Do you really expect me to have such petty concerns? I thought better of you.
Rika Ishimoto: Stop it, you two. Anyway, my name is Rika Ishimoto, the Ultimate Lady.

I get it now, Natsumi Renard is the Ultimate Hostess, Makoto Naegi is the Ultimate Good Luck, Hajime Hinata is the Ultimate Hope, Kyoko Kirigiri is the Ultimate Detective, Kobato Kobatokama is the Ultimate Patissier and Lysander Everett is the Ultimate Pilot

Kurō Karasu: What's your name anyway?
Mirai Kaishi: My name is Mirai Kaishi, the Ultimate Archer.


Monokuma: Upupupupupu... I am the lovable school headmaster, Monokuma! Or Monobear if you prefer, but pretty much nobody does.
Kobato Kobatokama: Fuck up, Monobear!
Monokuma: You hurt me, Little Dove...

Knifes are thrown as arrows, and it stabs Kobato on the legs, shoulders, waists and head. Kobato then fell down.

Kurō Karasu: What the...?
Monokuma: This is why you should kill a student or two, if you don't, you might be killed.

They were all frozen stiff. They felt despair

11 Students left...

Character Story I: Mirai's Story Story II: Jonathan's Story Story III: Kurō's Story
     - Survivor      - Killed      - Executed
Mirai Kaishi ??? ??? ???
Jonathan Rowelled ??? ??? ???
Kurō Karasu ??? ??? ???
Ichigo Haru ??? ??? ???
Aiko Cruz ??? ??? ???
Rika Ishimoto ??? ??? ???
Natsumi Renard ??? ??? ???
Makoto Naegi ??? ??? ???
Hajime Hinata ??? ??? ???
Kyoko Kirigiri ??? ??? ???
Kobato Kobatokama ??? ???
Lysander Everett ??? ??? ???