Shirane Ashikaga
Kanji 葦利 シラネ
Rōmaji Ashikāga Shīrane
Given Name Ultimate Tattoo Artist
BabyDoll (One-Way Traffic alias)
Gender Female
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Birthdate August 04 (Leo)
Chest Size 91 cm (35 in)
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Killing School Trip
Personal Status
Status Deceased
English Voice Maryke Hendrikse

Have you lost your goddamn mind? Yeah? Then here, have mine!

—To Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

Shirane Ashikaga (葦利 シラネ Ashikāga Shīrane), known as BabyDoll (ベビードール Bebīdōru) by her graffiti gang, is a character in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, as well as a participant in the Killing School Trip.

She bears the title of Ultimate Tattoo Artist (超高校級の「入れ墨 画家」chō kōkō kyū no “irezumi gaka”).

Appearance Edit

Shirane is a girl in her mid-teens with fair skin, and short, wavy reddish-pink hair. Her peach eyes appear to have iridium heterochromia.

It is revealed she has multiple scars starting on her bottom and leading down to her calf from a barbed wire accident. As a person who expresses herself through clothing and accessories, she stacked multiple temporary tattoos on top of each other so the design lasts longer.

Due to her constant work with spray paint, she has a black mask studded with fake diamonds placed in a pocket of her cross-body bag.

Personality Edit

Easily considered a misunderstood person, Shirane finds it extremely important to express oneself, regardless of perception and feedback, leading to many labeling her as rude and brash. On top of her general disregard for the situation or emotions, in her opinion, she is quite nice.

She has an extreme dislike for crowds. Frail yet brave under pressure, if yelled at she will cry but nonetheless look her challenger in the eye. Her jokes are violent in nature, shown when she offered to take out her brain for Fuyuhiko and “give him some sense”.

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