Ouya Kaminaga is the protagonist of Dangan Fury, a student of Serene Heart Academy, and one of the 16 participants of the Killing Dungeon Life. As one of the quirks of Dangan Fury, his title can be chosen between four different talents, but he is formally known as the Ultimate "____".

Choosing his talent will make the game follow one of the four different paths of the game, causing the fate of all 16 participating students' to be determined by this single choice.

Appeareance Edit

Ouya is designed after a gray wolf, and he is taller than the average of all male students of his academy. Initial artwork depict him with deep blue eyes, but with time his eye color became more olive-colored.

He wears a pale green hoodie and a light blue t-shirt with the word "平静" written vertically.

Talents Edit

Ultimate "____" Edit

Pronounced "Ultimate Blank", it is considered as his "formal" talent, as the player is able to choose between three initially available talents.

Depending on which talent the player has selected, the story of the game will go through one of the three available timelines: A, B, and C. It is currently unknown which title belongs to which timeline.

Ultimate Game Developer Edit

Ultimate Skater Edit

Ultimate ??? Edit

The Fourth Talent Edit

A fourth talent can be unlocked by completing all three previous timelines, which unlocks Timeline D. This talent is unknown, however.

History Edit

Prior to Killing Dungeon Life Edit

When he was 7 years old, he got involved in a robbery at a local department store. He was interrogated by a 6-year old Kobe Negami when Ouya asked him if he was a detective. Although he didn't answer, Ouya proposed to help him with his investigation. After the case was solved when Kobe found a decissive piece of evidence, they became best friends.

Timeline A Edit

Timeline B Edit

Timeline C Edit

Timeline D Edit

Trivia Edit

  • By taking the two first initials kana characters in Ouya Kaminaga's name (カミナガ オウヤ), they can be rearranged to form オウカミ, the Japanese word for "wolf", the animal from which he is designed from.
  • His name also comes from the videogame console OUYA.
  • During the development of Dangan Fury, Makoto's sprites are used as placeholders for Ouya's sprites.