Murasaki Atsuka
Full name Murasaki Atsuka
Kanji 熱燗紫
Romaji Atsuka Murasaki
Title Ultimate Pirate
Alias Murasaki-Sama (by Kanade Nonohara)
Gender Female
Birth date January 9th
Zodiac Template:Zodiac sign Capricious/Rat
Height 164cm
Weight 65kg
Blood type A+
Hair color Blue
Eye color Purple
Age 16
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Killing School Life
Execution Crushed Treasure
Fate Executed by Momokuma (possibly)
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Sexuality Bisexual
Weakness Isn’t asexual
Relatives Saki Atsuka (mother), Fukui Atsuka (father)
Affiliation Hope’s Peak High Academy
Previous Affiliation City of Westminster College
Face claim Flashy
Voice Actor Emiri Katō (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)
Debut Same as Kanade
Created by Flashy
Fanonized by Flashy

Murasaki Atsuka (熱燗紫) is a character on Let’s Start Danganronpa. She bears the talent of Ultimate Pirate.

Appearance Edit

Murasaki is a young woman who has purple eyes and long blue hair flowing past her hips. She wears the Hope’s Peak High Academy outfit.

Personality Edit

Murasaki is an energetic girl who is the first female to be executed. She is very emotional with her gang and her school.

History Edit

Life before Hope’s Peak High Academy Edit

Murasaki is born with a special power. The power to believe in herself and her friends.

Prolouge Edit

Kanade met Murasaki, her best friend in history, even when she fell sick from earlier.

Chapter 1 Edit

Murasaki is upset about the trial, but also Kanade found Sayuri‘s dead body, blood forming across her hands. The investigation begins. Kanade asks Murasaki to find the weapon. Kanade found the wolverine claws and says “Cool”. The trial begins with Momokuma explaining who the murderer of Sayuri Hoshimiya is. Kanade explains why Murasaki is the killer. Then, Murasaki gets her execution and what she wanted.

Execution Edit

Main article: Crushed Treasure.

Panic Talk Action Remarks Edit

  1. “Ar~! Don’t mind me”
  2. ”Dude!”
  3. ”No! That’s wrong!”
  4. ”The Star Pirate is…you!”
  5. ”Noooooo!” (final argument)

Trivia Edit

  1. Since her past, Murasaki may have been the main character.
  2. Murasaki is the second female to be executed in Chapter 1 after Kaede from Danganronpa V3.