Mirai Kaishitturds
MiraiKaishi SDDR3
Age 16
Title Autistic Pegasister
Alias Fartzuru Kamupoora
Nickname Fartzy
Status Autistic
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race African American (Yelohwpeeyniss Tribe)
Born Yomama, Japan
Handedness Both
Complexion Silver
Hair Poo Brown
Eyes Sewer
Height 900 cm
Weight 2 kg
Personal Status
Relatives Jun Kaishi (Father)(Alive)
Shiho Kaishi (Mother)(Alive)
Additional Info
Likes Makoto Naegi, Komaru's left foot, Stinky Cheese Turds
Dislikes Hajime Hinata, Komaru's right foot, nice-smelling flatulence
Special Skills None
Weaknesses Farting in Public (Public Display of Flatulence (PDF))

  Mirai Kaishi (会誌 ミライ Kaishi Mirai), real name Rin Misaki Kaishi (会誌 美咲 凛,Kaishi Misaki Rin) is the heroine of Super Duper Danganronpa 3: Despair No Longer. Her title is Ultimate Archer (超高校級の"アーチャー" Chō kōkō kyū no "āchā").

Personality and Character Edit

Mirai is a big buttface, who is an idiot. She is the first protagonist to never help, during a class trial. Instead, Mario, from Mario, always gave the answers to her. Mirai, also, could not speak English. Instead, she could only loudly scream, due to her Autism. Mirai wishes she was Makoto Naegi, because she thinks that he is so kawaii-desu. In all, she doesn't really have a personality, due to the fact, that she is an OC.

Story Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She was the first protagonist not to the the title "Ultimate Good Luck" or "Ultimate Lucky Student".
  • Mirai (ミライ) means "future" and her last name, Kaishi (会誌) means "start".
  • She was the 2nd female main leading protagonist, next to Komaru Naegi of "Zettai Zetsubousei Shoujo".
  • She is the only protagonist not having and ahoge.