|name= Kazuya Medeko
|alias= SHSL Lucky Student, Mastermind of New Killing School Trip, The Man that Didn't Accept Hope nor Despair

|gender= Male
|height= 166cm
|weight= 44kg
|birth date= 13th January
|chest size= 60cm
|bmi= 18.0
|blood type= AB
|likes= Iced tea
|dislikes= Terrorism

|events participated= New Killing School Trip
|fate= Survives the New Killing School Trip and continues to erase Hope and Despair from the world.

|status= Alive
|affiliation= Jotaro Chai and the Gang's Watchlist
|previous affiliation= Future Foundation

Kazuya Medeko is the protagonist of New Danganronpa V4: New Side of the Killing.

|Kazuya created the New Killing School Trip killing game because after 53 seasons of the battle between Hope and Despair, he snapped, and taken the participants of Season 54 to a brand new killing game.