Kaori Fukui
Kaori Fukui
Age 17
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Born Ikebukuro, Japan
Handedness Both
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Height 164cm
Weight 46kg
Personal Status
Relatives Mother - Alive

Father - Alive

Additional Info

  Kaori Fukui (福井 かおり, Fukui Kaori) is the tritagonist of Danganronpa Story: Despair's Flower. She developed popular games, and she was well known for making the game, Bahamut Legacy. Her title is Ultimate Game Developer.

Design Edit

Kaori has short black hair tied in pigtails and gray eyes. She wears a white cheongsam with painted cherry blossoms texture, and matching white slippers, with her jacket over it.

Personality Edit

Kaori can come off as rude and cold due to her disinterest in dealing with people, but is in good terms with Takumi and Sora. She has a sharp disdain for explaining things in a streamlined, layman's manner and especially dislikes it when people don't understand her explanations no matter in what manner it is given, usually referring them as "idiots" and their questions "stupid". She keeps a diary and writes about her school life in Hope's Peak Academy.

Appearances Edit

Quotes Edit

Danganronpa Story: Despair's Flower Edit

  • "My name's Kaori Fukui, the Super High School Level Game Developer. You're an idiot, believe that."
  • "This is why i don't being with her. She may be a Fighter, but she's stupid in school." (To Takumi Taiyou, talking about Hanae Tsukino.)
  • "Dog - D-o-j, i suck at spelling."
  • "I am your sword... and you are my shield..." (To Takumi Taiyou)

Danganronpa Story: Despair's Worst Mistake Edit

  • "Takumi, don't you remember me?" (To Takumi Taiyou)
  • "To live is to continue seeking. To live is to be resolute and to live is to raise others."
  • "Killing each other? Again?" (To Monokuma.
  • "Is it over? Forever?"

Danganronpa Story: The End At Last Edit

  • "My parents enrolled me here. Again."
  • "I want to end it. NOW!"
  • "I learned something from my own mistake. I'm sorry."
  • "You... Thank You." (To Takumi Taiyou)

Relationships Edit

Takumi Taiyou: Kaori's relationship with Takumi is strong. She first met him when they bumped on each other. Seeing him made her fell in love with him, little by little. In Danganronpa Story: The End At Last, she was nearing to confess, but never get to do it. Whenever a girl approaches Takumi, Kaori is jealous.

Sora Tsuki: Sora is a good friend of Kaori.

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