Izumi Numue is a student of Serene Heart Academy, and one of the 16 participants of the Killing Dungeon Life. She is considered the tritagonist of Dangan Fury, as she plays a key role as Ouya Kaminaga's assistant in Timeline C, and the character player two controls in Co-op mode; as well as being an rather important character in the other timelines.

Appeareance Edit

Despite being designed after a golden retreiver, Izumi has physical features that strongly resemble Sayaka Maizono, like the blue hair and eyes. However, her oufit is identical to the one Junko Enoshima originally wore in DISTRUST and Danganronpa Beta.

Talent and abilities Edit

Ultimate Actress Edit

Ever since she was born, she had a role in at least one movie per year. It is said that her skin is so perfect that she doesn't need makeup unless she impersonates someone else; something she is extraordinarly good at.

Due to her innate ability to fake her emotions, it has become really hard to know how she's actually feeling. Despite this, for the most time she spends this skill to mask her negative emotions.

She has starred in movies of multiple genres, but she is notably more prolific on action movies.

Izumi also is very intelligent, as she attended Another School for Highly Intelligent Children.

History Edit

Prior to Killing Dungeon Life Edit

She was a classmate of Kobe Negami at Another School for Highly Intelligent Children, whom she used to hang out with occasionally. Despite not being in a close relationship, she did develop some romantic feelings for Kobe.

Timeline A Edit

Timeline B Edit

Timeline C Edit

Timeline D Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Shinichi's antler stabbed Izumi's liver by pure accident. While he was looking for a way to treat her wound, Izumi would eventually bleed to death.

Yoshiko wouldn't be able to talk to her soul after the investigation of Chapter 5 started.

Trivia Edit

  • By taking first kana characters in Izumi Numue's name (ムエ ズミ), they can be rearranged to form イヌ, the Japanese word for "dog", the animal from which she is designed from.
  • During the development of Dangan Fury, Sayaka Maizono's sprites are used as placeholders for Ouya's sprites.