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Full name Greeceball
Kanji グリジャボール
Romaji Gurijabōru
Title Ultimate/SHSL Detective
Alias GB (by Nepalrawr)
Gender Male
Birth date 1st April
Zodiac Template:Zodiac sign Aries/Horse
Height Same in Countryballs
Weight Same in Countryballs
Blood type A+
Hair color None
Eye color White
Age 16
Nationality Greek
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Countryballs Killing Life
Execution The History of Death
Fate Survived the execution
Personal Status
Status Alive
Sexuality Male
Weakness Hates kebab (remove kebab)
Relatives Unnamed parents
Affiliation Countryballs High School
Previous Affiliation Greek High
Face claim Samuel
Voice Actor Moroboshi Sumire (Japanese), Ray Chase (English)
Debut Danganronpa Countryballs
Created by The creator of Countryballs
Fanonized by Flashy