Firecrest is a student of Serene Heart Academy, and one of the 16 participants in the Killing Dungeon Life. His talent is the Ultimate Classical Composer.

Appeareance Edit

Despite his artistic name, he is actually based from a goldcrest bird, and not a firecrest. He usually wears disco outfits and small sunglasses.

Firecrest is also the shortest of the male students participating in the Killing Dungeon Life, which is something he is proud of.

Talents and abilities Edit

Ultimate Classical Composer Edit

With three years old, he composed his first musical work, which had been working on ever since he was two.

However, he seems to be rather lazy in terms of improving his composing skills, as he prefers to just listen to classical music and analyze it.

Despite this, he had an auditory impairment when he was four, although the causes are unknown. Since then, he is only able to hear on his right ear.

History Edit

Prior to the Killing Dungeon Life Edit

When he was four, he broke his left ear for unknown reasons. Ever since then, he is only able to hear on his right ear.

Timeline A Edit

Timeline B Edit

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Timeline D Edit

Chapter 4 Edit

He met with Masahiro according to the note she gave to him. When Masahiro saw Firecrest, they promised each other that whoever won a game of checkers would have to kill the loser.

After an hour, Firecrest won against Masahiro in a close match. Just as he promised, he proceeded to poison Masahiro's drink, which then she took a sip from.

Before the effects became fatal, she wrote a note with a cryptic dying message. This was done because both Masahiro and Firecrest made a last bet: Whether if Firecrest would be able to get away with the murder and be freed, or would fail and die, being able to "find the exit" specified in the note Masahiro had found earlier. Either way, they thought that at least one of them would definitely be freed.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name remains unrevealed because it has been confirmed that it will be very important for one of the Class Trials.