After what seemed to be perpetually in waiting, he could not avail but let it cross his mind--someone had to be the one to make the first move. He let out a sigh of solicitousness as he once again looked upon the designation on the minuscule slip of paper. Every time he read the denomination, it he could feel a peculiar chill hugging his skin like a cold blanket. He descried that his hands were shaking vividly after perpetually reading the denomination: Hamasaki.

He had to kill him. He mentally smiled. There was a way in the world he could hypothetically kill him of all of people for a game, even if he wanted to. People like Hamasaki threw people like him as if it were nothing. As if they were nothing. This was his only revenge. Hamasaki is nothing but a driver to everyone and a bully to him.

"Hamasaki Shota..." He grinned. "Wait for me. Wait for me to kill you..."

He turned to Monokuma, who was controlled by the mastermnd. "Monokuma... Start another class. Let those "hope" people feel despair..."

I looked over at my best friend who sat on the couch adjacent to my own, also reading the letter I received. I thought it was an invitation or love letter. It was not. It was very cool ad exciting. I am chosen to be a student Hope's Peak Academy. My parents were surprised and happy. Even my classmates from last year.

"You're so lucky!" said my friend.

"No wonder you're the Super High School Level Good Luck. You're so lucky to be in Hope's Peak Academy!" he continued.