Danganronpa: Another New Despair is a spinoff fanmade story that revolves right after the escape of the survivors from Danganronpa Happy Trigger Havoc.

Characters Edit

Monokuma Edit

Still the main antagonist of the story, he continued to do the Killing Game after he woke up. The mystery behind who controls him is blatantly unknown.

Yoshiro Kiryu Edit

Ultimate Lucky Student. Yoshiro is the very protagonist of the game, who first woke up after hearing the opening of the entrance (prior to the ending of Danganronpa: Happy Trigger HAvoc). He was luckily picked as the Ultimate Lucky Student a year before Makoto Naegi.

Subarashi Shikiba Edit

Ultimate Botanist. Subarashi is a curious girl who is the little sister of Santa Shikiba, the supposed Ultimate Botanist. The title brought down to her, and accepted in Hope's Peak Academy.

Mi Hinata Edit

Ultimate Smartass. Also known as Ms. Yinyang because of her incredible balance of physical (ass) and mental (smart) ability, regardless of her slim figure.

Shiokarai Satou Edit

Ultimate Prodigy. Widely and internationally known to be the greatest Prodigy since birth, as his first spoken word is "Can We Go Home Now?", a day after he was born. He may be the coolest brainhead in the world, but declined being advanced.

Tsunami Yuuta Edit

Ultimate Leader. Is popularly greeted with welcome arms of his sweet leaderness charisma, that people admired from him. All the teams, group and partners he joined was perfectly and fairly won. Everyone likes... his one side.

Masato Waku Edit

Ultimate Calculator. Nicknamed "Beep Bo Beep" as he was claimed as Live-Walking Calculator. Nerd as it is, but irony is present; there are rumors he can do all the sports. As the title suggest- His Ultimate Talent is Calculating, but the title is often, no, always judged by its cover.

Kirio Takaeshi Edit

Ultimate Hero. Often sees as arrogant and scary person because of his appearance, specially his eyes. Kirio is actually shy, sensitive and caring but throughout the series, he is often suspected of murdering the people.

Chihaya Kawaiya Edit

Ultimate Actress. Chihaya is a real beauty, but doesn't have the brains. However, she is often admired by the people because of her stunning acting in a successful movie, "♥Kimochi♥".

Natsuki Dokidoki Edit

Ultimate Handsome.

Aka Daidai Kiiro Midori Mizu Aoi Murasaki "Yamada" Desu Edit

Ultimate Teacher

Teya Runa Edit

Ultimate Ampadder

Mayumi Yuka Edit

Ultimate Seiyuu

Yoshimuri Purebert Edit

Ultimate Ninja

Mahiro Hayate Edit

Ultimate Waitress

Satoshi Meiko Edit

Ultimate Basketball Player

Kyouyo Ichiniisan Edit

Ultimate ???

Others Edit

Despair Edit

Shimpi Hinata Edit

Santa Shikiba Edit