Crushed Treasure (希望するからない can’t hope) is an execution in Let’s Start Danganronpa. Murasaki Atsuka gets executed there.

Sequence Edit

  • As the lighting changes to fit an atmosphere, Murasaki is scared about the actions that she done and then a neck shackle appears. Though Murasaki and Riku are friends, the neck shackle closes around Murasaki’s neck and drags her away on the shore.
  • A helicopter appears and Momokuma is the pilot on it. Murasaki is lying on the floor so Momokuma can get her on the helicopter.
  • As she gets more scared, Murasaki lands in to the water and drowns thanks to Momokuma executing her.

Trivia Edit

  1. This is a reference on Kaede’s execution of Danganronpa v3.